Here We Go

The festivities begin tomorrow!

Elle and Gabe have their dance recitals this weekend. Yes, multiple.  It all begins tomorrow.  Actually it started last night.  Since Elle inherited my hair which holds curl for a whole 5 minutes I wanted to try something that would hold the curl for as long as possible without a hug hassle.  We've done sock curls which last about 1/2 the day without hairspray or gel.  Last night we tried actual rag curls.

I think she looks pretty cute like that.  I slathered the gel on the hair, twisted and tied it up.  Here's hoping its not a rat's nest this morning and lasts until at least 2.

Tonight is a run through of her make up.  I realized in her pictures that my blond beauty just blends in to things which you'd think I would have known since I had to deal with it my whole childhood.  So a bit of make up it is.

We also flipped her costumes with fluffy tutus up-side down so they would be nice and fluffy.  It helps to take them out of the air-tight bag and let them breath.  Tee-hee.  I ironed Gabe's pants which will make no difference at all but more Gabe was getting neglected and it's his recital as well.

Like I said, the festivities start for us at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon with rehearsal.  Then bright and early for a Saturday at 9:30 to help set up and whatnot.  The first (yes, first) recital starts at 11 and both Elle and Gabe get to perform.  They get the afternoon off with Grandma and Grandpa after that while Kyle and I work the second recital on Saturday. 

Sunday we get to do it again but slightly later and with Elle only.  Gabe will of course me there to cheer her on though just like last year when he yelled out, "Look! It's my Elle Belle!"  Love it!

Surely after that we will all collapse but it will be great practice for parenting a competition dancer next year hopefully.  That's right.  This summer Elle will be auditioning for the first time for The DanceXchange Competition program.  Kyle and I debating signing her up for auditioning even since she's only 5, will be starting school this year and a number of other reasons.  Ultimately, when we realized that even Angelina Ballerina stopped dancing at home when she was in classes, clearly Elle was still not satisified in how much dance instruction she was getting 3 days a week since she was still dancing all around the house.

We have been with The DanceXchange for YEARS!  I'm thinking its been about 6 or 7 years and I LOVE the owner and the instructors dearly.  Not only do they know what they are doing but they are making huge investments in to these kids and they know it.  While they take what they do seriously they also know how to have fun and help the kids enjoy themselves.  Choreography is age appropriate and so are the costumes and that's hard to find now.

If you'd like to take a look at this amazing studio let me know, I'd be happy to give you a tour.  I've had kids in lessons with them and I've taught.  Or you can come check out the recital and see how all the hard work, for the students, staff and parents, pays off.  Go to the Recital Information Page and buy your tickets there or at the door. 

Not only would Elle and Gabe love to see you but so would I!

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