Looking Back

Saturday was the 6th Mother's Day I have celebrated and while I have determined what the ideal Mother's Day for me would look like (sleeping in, breakfast in bed watching some English classic, some time at the spa and shopping with friends, coffees/teas in hand, and of course lunch or dinner somewhere along there.  Some one to come and clean my house and dinner to be made) I was given an excellent Mother's Day gift by my own mom this year.  A text that simply read, "I'm thinking of you all day long! Live in the blessings God has surrounded you with."

Mother's Day is kind of a cruel trick for my family since I'm not a huge lover of flowers or boxes of chocolate.  So what's a family to do?

This Mother's Day morning I rolled out of bed around 7:30/8:00 my usual groggy, nauseated self and started getting the kids breakfast.  If your house is anything like mine, once those breakfast requests start flowing they don't stop.  Cereal, toast, English muffin, milk, juice, yogurt...You'd think we didn't feed the kids, ever.  This time was peaceful though.  No, or at least minimal arguing from the kids about who would sit in which chair, etc.  They were happy.

After about 45 minutes of getting the kids set up with breakfast and popping on a TV show (I thought this would distract them from me for 10 minutes), I started in on my own tasks.  No big deal, usual prepping and primping before church with the frequent, "what cha doing mama? Can I watch?"

The message at church was on rest.  Within the first 5 minutes I wanted to cry.  Of course it had absolutely nothing to do with my current state of pregnancy (emotional, exhausted, nauseated, I'll stop there).  During worship I got to watch Gabe play with a friend and they very nicely shared the iPhone between them, taking turns, Gabe showed his buddy how the game worked.  It was adorable.

The whole family then headed to St. Paul for lunch with Kyle's family.  Kyle was brave enough to go through the buffet line for me and try to figure out what I could possibly want that day.  He did a great job, aside from the cheesy hash browns.  I ate everything on my plate and had a full tummy.  The kids ate wonderfully and were amazingly well behaved.

I left lunch slightly early to meet my dear sister-in-law for some shopping.  Baby #3 took this opportunity to remind me that she is around and knew it was Mother's Day.  I waddled like a pregnant lady ready to pop the entire time.  Poor Tasha had to deal with a slow, fat woman all afternoon.  And I like to walk fast.  It was fun all the same.

I headed home after that and the kids had the most pathetic dinner I have ever seen but it was all in honor of the Sabbath and they seemed satisfied so there you have it.

All day the kids made me smile and laugh.  They were so well behaved it made me wonder if God placed little angels on their shoulders to remind them every second of what they should and should not do.  All day, I lived in the blessings God surrounded me with and they were precious.

Don't get me wrong, some day I would still like my ideal Mother's Day and maybe that will happen but having extremely well behaved, hilarious children is definitely a decent trade-off in the mean time.

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