I Did It

I stayed awake during the whole concert Friday night.  Although it probably would have been fine if I had fallen asleep since the majority if those in attendance were over the age of 70 and a good portion fell asleep themselves.  Oh well.

After the concert we headed over to Sabastian Joe's for some ice cream and I had to get some coffee.  I may have made it through the concert but it was just barely.  We got home around 11:30. Whew!

When I woke up Saturday morning, I felt like I was hung over.  Kyle said the ice cream was laced.  As much as I would like to believe that instead of the fact that I just shouldn't stay up that late in my current state I think we all know the truth.

After teaching my last dance class for the year, and Gabe taking what will probably be his last dance class ever, we headed home, made a Target run, and enjoyed a rainy day instead.  I needed to recuperate after my "late" night.

Monday we were up bright an early for church which was easy to do, okay easier than normal to do since the sun was shining away.  The rest of Sunday was spent in the sun, then a break inside for cooling off, then back in the sun, then inside for dinner.  The kids had a blast.  Days like Sunday make me miss the pool we had in our backyard growing up.  Though I don't envy the work my parents had to put in to it.  Days like Sunday also make me realize what big babies my kids are around water.  Swimming lessons may be in their near future.

Thank goodness for Monday off.  It wasn't as if the weekend was so exhausting that I needed an additional day to recover but more that I have grown in my marriage and parental duties and would really rather spend my time with my family than my co-workers.  Nothing against my co-workers since they are great sports and provide some outstanding laughs throughout the week; I just love investing in my family more.

Anyway, Monday was spectacular.  Kyle and I slept late and while the kids ate breakfast and watch too many shows.  Since that wonderful sun was shining again it got us outside.  We left the house with no plan but knew the day couldn't be wasted.  Kyle had a brilliant plan to go to The Malt Shop for lunch and ice cream.  Overwhelmed by the size of the salad the server placed before me it didn't take long for it to vanish; thank goodness.  I think I even surprised Kyle with how much and how quickly I ate it.

Once our ice cream was delivered when headed outside for a short walk through the neighborhood (no way will I let me 5 year old and 3 year old eat chocolate ice cream cones in our new van).  It was lovely and Elle and I had fun looking at the pretty houses, a moment I remember sharing many times with my mom.  Once all signs of the ice cream were gone, well not all signs since Elle spilled all down her front and Gabe's ice cream ended up a dried mess all over his face, we headed back to the car.

We took a nice drive around Lake Harriet then headed to Patrick's Bakery in Edina.  Yum!

We then headed home for some chalk on the driveway and almost got blown away.  After awhile outside with the winds convincing us to head in, we obliged and decided to pop in a movie.  Elle is wildly aware of my love for English classics.  She has sat through 6 hours of Price and Prejudice many times and knows parts of Sense and Sensibility.  I may have even let her watch some of Downton Abbey.  I feel I may be setting her up for disaster when it comes to her own relationships as show grows older.  If these are her princesses, so be it.

Gabe on the other hand has shown no acknowledgement of these movies.  While he is typically in the room while Elle and I drown ourselves in these other worlds, he's playing with his super hero action figures or trucks.  Yesterday, however, when we were selecting a movie Gabe of all people says, "you wanna watch sense and invisibility mom?"  Now all Kyle and I heard was "invisibility" and didn't give it much though but he kept saying it.  After about the 5th time we figured it out and when your 3 1/2 year old son asks you if you want to watch Sense and Sensibility how do you say no?  Well you don't.  I will warn you though, while your 5 year old daughter eats it up your 3 1/2 year old son will continue to drive his mackin carica (Captain America) motorcycle over your head and face until you tickle him incessantly.  While this may be a riot for your and your 3 1/2 year old boy whose laugh could actually bring the sun out, your 5 year old daughter who is being jolted out of her wonderland will not appreciate it as much and will scold you and your son until you calm down.

Did I mention how much I laughed this weekend and how much I love my family?

Oh little Baby # 3 you have no idea the insanity you are getting in to.

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