I may have gone a bit crazy last night.

Kyle and I have given some things to a newly married friend of ours.  I should specify; young and newly married.  We've all been there in life.  Maybe not both at the same time but in a place where some one giving you a dining room table or a couch is exactly what you needed.

Last night we unloaded on to her a couch, a dining room table and a coffee table.  They have all served us well but it is time for them to move on to their next home and I'm afraid this massive purge only swept me up into an even larger one.

I threw away a good portion of "stuff", assembled a bassinet that is on loan to us for Baby #3, completely decluttered my desk (even though its only purpose right now is holding on the "stuff" since I'm on hiatus from school), moved what baby girl clothes we have to the changing table we were blessed to acquire, moved the changing table to the kids' room, moved the couch that was in the kids' room to the living room so the changing table could go in the kids' room, moved our spectacular keyboard upstairs so an inspiring pianist can have weighted keys to practice and a full keyboard, and vacuumed.

Don't worry, the heaviest thing I lifted was the keyboard.  Muscle showed up to move the furniture for the friend and my dear friend caught me in the midst of moving the other couch and stepped in immediately.  THANK YOU!!!

The kids were a bit confused at first wanting to make sure we weren't getting rid of some of their prized possessions (i.e. Gabe's drums, their toys, etc.).  After some of the furniture had been moved the kids seemed rather excited to stand in a space they hadn't been able to before, and I'm not speaking metaphorically.  Interesting concept though huh; when something has been over a certain place in our lives for so long, how eager are we to just stand in that new unoccupied space and enjoy.

Anyway, all that to say, at about 8:45 when my oh-my-word-I'm-surely-going-to-fall-down-dead-right-here moment arrived I was amazed at all the nesting I've already done and only in my 4th month.  So maybe, just maybe, despite the insanities this pregnancy has brought early on I'll be rather productive after all.

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