A Glimpse of Parenting 3

This weekend we went up to our family cabin.  After the week I had last week I was hoping for more of a relaxing weekend; instead I was given a glimpse of parenting three children.

Our dear Elle Belle suffered with a runny nose all weekend.  We were given fair warning on this so I brought Benadryl up to the cabin.

Baby #3 has already shown us its a punk what with migraines and nausea.  They have settle a bit but just when I think I can count on feeling well this little one has a super surprise in store.

Gabe's issues came out of no where, like they typically do.  On the way up to the cabin he started in coughing.  Gabe loves croup.  So much so that he takes every opportunity to catch it.  Had I know this weekend was to be one of those weekends I would have brought some medicine for him as well. 

The coughing on the way up to the cabin and the remainder of the day Saturday was not the worst cough we've heard from Gabe.  So I didn't think too much of it when they went to bed.  I didn't even think much of it 1 1/2 hours after we put the kids to bed and they were still goofing around.  Note to self: The kids are use to sharing a room; they are not use to sharing a bed.  In the future provide separate beds or supervision.

After about 40 minutes of goofiness, I decided my supervision, shucks a forced early bedtime for me, would calm them down.  About another 40 minutes of gentle reminders and all three (four) of us were asleep. 

Around 12, Gabe started to stir with intense coughing.  The next hour consisted of an inconsolable Gabe, coughing, and trying to get back to sleep.  One of the things I love about Gabe is that he's a huge cuddler, but when he's usually done about the time I am.  I do not like spending the night in the same bed as my children and Gabe does not like spending the night in bed with anything but the stuffed animals he has chosen and he can kick them out of bed at any time.  After about 15 minutes of providing comfort to him so he could get back to sleep, I was only in the way and was dismissed to my own bed (YES!).

Then baby #3 started in.  Thank goodness Elle was knocked out with Benadryl.

For another hour or so I struggled with nausea.  After that hour, the nausea turned to hunger.  I snuck upstairs and grabbed and apple and banana.  Not the wisest of choices considering Gabe just got back to sleep and the child is ALWAYS hungry, unless its dinner time that is.  I don't think I have ever attempted to eat an apple so quietly before.  Every bite seemed to stir Gabe just a bit more.  At one point I even tried eating under the covers.  As if that would silence the apple crunching.  The good news; I advances my status in Bejeweled. 

Finally around 3/3:30 I was able to get back to sleep.

Normally the kids will sleep until about 7:30 or 8.  Sunday morning they let us sleep in until 6! So kind of them.  We were able to side track them with books and the iPad until about 8.  We're such good parents.

The remainder of the day was fairly similar.  Once two children were settled, another started acting up.  You'd think they were tagging each other in or something.  To their credit, the "acting up" was not extreme or unruly.  There was a small spill of milk, a tipped over bowl of cereal, more coughing and runny noses, etc.  Thank goodness Kyle is such an amazing husband and father. 

The kids pay have tag each other in, but Kyle and I are a pretty good tag team ourselves.  Watch out baby #3.

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