The Start Of Summer

Growing up many things signaled the start of summer.  The end of school, warmer weather, VBS, etc.  The one I love looking back on the most is our trips up to the cabin.

Our cabin has been in the family for generations and I have grown up hearing stories about how the cabin and the lake have changed over the years.  Kyle and I were married at the cabin and our kids enjoy the time they get to spend there as well.  Unfortunately we don't get up there as much as I would like.

This year we started off right.  The last few years we haven't made it up until quite late in the season.  This year we started with the first weekend in May.  It was a bit dreary but I'll take it.

When I was a kid we would head out right when Dad got home from work on Fridays.  I remember that drive seeming so much longer than 2 hours.  As we got older Dad always made a special stop one a certain Dairy Queen on the way up.  I don't remember a lot of rainy days at the cabin but I remember a lot of family and fun, delicious meals, resting and pure enjoyment.  We hardly ever left before dark on Sunday nights to head back home.  I always feel asleep to the sound of a Twins game on the radio.  This is the only sentiment I have for the Twins, sorry guys.

I'm more than happy to pass that along to my kids.  Since they had dance Saturday mornings we had to delay our departure until mid-day Saturday.  We stopped for lunch on the way up of course providing plenty of time for our tummies to settle down for Dairy Queen on the way.

Be prepared for picture overload...

Throwing rocks into the lake.

Everyone has to have a walking stick.

I am completely realistic about how long the cabin will be able to stay with our family.  There are few of us left in the state of Minnesota.  I will do what I can to make sure we can keep it for as long as possible so as many generations as possible can know this joy.

Thanks all the generations that have gone before and worked so hard to keep the cabin, and thanks to generations current that continue to work so hard to preserve the cabin.  I'm so grateful this cabin is a part of my history.

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