I Have Shoes Like Dorothy

Mine don't take my to Kansas though.  Mine magically transport me to London.

They may not look like much but I wore these in my dear friend's wedding as one of her bridesmaids while we were there last September; one of the best trips of my life.  All four bridesmaids had them and while I didn't know two of the bridesmaids very well when I first arrived, they are dear friends to me now. 

So when I put on my magical shoes I'm brought back to London with my lovely friends and man do we laugh a lot.  I drink too much tea; they drink too much wine but it's okay because we're all silly drunk anyway.

I made a decision that for my 30th birthday I will go back.  I have to.  I love my friends in London (and London) far too much not to visit them as much as my pocketbook will allow.  Of course anyone that can fund their own trip is welcome to come since I love so many people here in the states as well and everyone should get to see London.  So I'm saving up, one penny at a time.

In the mean time, if you see a strange smile on my face, check my shoes.  If you catch these on my feet, you'll know I'm walking through London with my friends, at least in my head I am.


Vicki Ceass said...

There's no place like home.
Home is where your mother is.
Just sayin'!

Green with Envy said...

What an incredibly sweet entry! We miss you too my dear, many x's and o's :D

Green with Envy said...

PS I so should have bought a pair of those for me too, what was I thinking?