Day 5-Southbank

Ahh Wednesday.  Wednesday was a good day.  They've all been good days, yeah.  Well for us they have.
Wednesday we woke per our usual time (10/10:30) and visited Jason's (Julia's fiance) stall for some coffee.
Hard at work
Real drip coffee and some delish beans, the only beans I'll eat.

Kyle had a cup of hot chocolate and Jason provided a flat white then kindly followed it up with a mocha since I tasted Kyle's hot chocolate and it was amazing.  Everything there was amazing!  After a bit of coffee Kyle and I ran down to the south bank to run an errand for Julia and enjoyed a walk through some of the tourist locations. 
The London Eye.
We didn't actually ride it since the line was insanely long.  It was very cool to see though.
We walked by The Houses of Parliament.

And the Big Ben clock tower.
The Victoria Tower, which is opposite Big Ben's tower.  Very beautiful.
We loved the architecture of course but the people! Oh the people.  
WE are the tourists and couldn't stand the tourists!

One of the doors to Westminster Abbey Garden.  
We took a nice back route around Westminster Abbey Garden and the school there, then through the Dean's Yard as well.  It was absolutely beautiful and much fewer people.

 But I did find this stud back there again.

Westminster Abbey.

Trafalgar Square for lunch.  I LOVED Trafalgar Square and I'm not quite sure why but LOVED it.  We sat around the fountains here and had lunch, at 4 PM.  Well, I had lunch, Kyle couldn't find anything he was interested in eating.  We, I, finished eating and headed over to Buckingham Palace just for kicks.  Kyle wanted to see the Queen Victoria Memorial.  This is what we saw when we got there.

Amazing that the same week Kyle and I get our salt scrub, silica wrap and plastic bag treatment, Queen Victoria did as well.  We found it quite amusing.

Had to snap a picture of the palace while we were there.

We finished with a journey through the Wellington Arch on our way over to Hyde Park towards home.  Yet again the sky was beautiful and it was a great day for walking.  Kyle and I had some ice cream after walking by Buckingham Palace.  When we got back to the hotel we were tired but had difficulty sleeping.  To our delight we were able to Skype with Mom & Dad for a bit then caught a couple episodes of The Big Bang Theory.  That was an excellent end to our evening.

As always check out the Facebook Album for all pictures.  On to Day 6-Hen Party!

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