Day 3-Around London & Back

Today was a fun day.  For two days in a row Kyle and I have managed to wake roughly around 10:30.  Not too bad for a holiday.  Today we took a walk down to Queensway to try to find the mobile carrier to work with my phone.  I grabbed a shot of our street on the way out.

Then we got to Queensway.

So since that was all a bit crazy, after picking up some plaster (Band-aids) at Boots, funny story there, we headed to Paddington Station instead.  I had a small blister on my heel and needed a Band-aid but didn’t have any and our hotel is so excellent we thought, “surely reception will have one,” and I’m sure they did except that we apparently had a language barrier.

We searched and searched for this alleged Orange shop to set up my phone but didn’t find it so we stopped for lunch instead at The Dickens Tavern.

Bangers & Mash and good ol' Guinness.

So good.  Then we headed over to Hyde Park to meander around.  We saw Peter Pan...

…and a pretty pavilion…

…and a horseman being blown over by the wind.

It was absolutely beautiful today.  We checked out the exhibit at the Serpentine Gallery, Michelangelo Pistoletto’s The Mirror of Judgement.  Then we saw the Albert Memorial…

…and Kensington Palace

…and headed back to the hotel.

We then joined Jason and Julia and her family for dinner at their flat.  It was an excellent evening with too much wine consumption on my part.  Kyle and I got instructions on getting back due to train times and whatnot.  We made the train just fine however, the tube was a different story.  We got off the train at the Liverpool Street Station to grab the Central line to the Lancaster Gate Station.  We turned to head down to the platform and it was gated and locked. We attempted another route and also locked.  It was at this point we decided we should either take a taxi or consider walking.  We initially thought taking a taxi would be best but the limited cash we had put us down the path on foot instead.  We figured if it got to be too long we’d surely find a cash machine and hail a taxi then. 

This next bit is what we refer to as “Eryn and Kyle’s Vintage Midnight Walk” mainly because we came across this sign…

It was a fun walk back to the hotel.  Kyle was planning the route we would take and had said, “or we could just shave off this bit and…thread the needle at Threadneedle Street.”  At which point we laughed hysterically because I was 3+ glasses deep in wine, it was midnight and we are funny that way.

We also got to pass by St. Paul’s which we will go back and see for real but couldn’t resist snapping a picture while we were there.

We also got to see the marble arch which was very pretty with the lights.  

A few blocks away was our home for our trip and we snuggled right in to bed just after 2:00 in the morning.  Unfortunately, I woke at 6:00 ready to go.  Now it is 8:40 and I think I'll try to get another hour or so before we're set for the day.

Anyway, yet again there are more pictures in the Facebook Album, Happy Anniversary. 6 years baby!

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