Day 6-Hen Party & Other Good Things

I went back to Top Shop and was successful. I managed a bag and some gifts for some people back home.  YAY!  Kyle stayed at the hotel as he didn't sleep well.  That's right. I managed getting to the tube station, getting off at the right stop, and finding my way to the store.  In all fairness the store was essentially right outside the station but still.

After a bit of shopping I weaved my way through Soho to Covent Garden which was having an excellent market and all I could think to myself was, "Mom NEEDS to be here!"  You would have LOVED it Mom!  Anyway, it was very fun wandering through this bit of London and had a girlfriend been with me we would have wasted an entire day going from shop to shop ::cough cough:: BIFF.

Julia's hen party started out at Boswell's in Covent Garden where we had REAL tea and all sorts of goodness.
I mean some great friends of Julia's, well we all met each other and it was great fun.  After some deliciousness at Boswell's we headed next door for some bubbly and the Mr. & Mrs. quiz for Julia.  It was good fun and we had loads of laughs.  We didn't spend much time there though because we were headed to Sanctuary Spa.  It was great.  Loads of fun pools, one with a swing, a steam room, sauna's, wonderful smells; the perfect place for girls!

We left Sanctuary around 10 and headed back to our homes at which point I finished the ham & cheese in my bag, yes I did take away in London but only because one of the other girls did! Thanks Maddy!  Then I CRASHED! HARD!

It was great to spend time with Julia and her friends.  They are lovely women and I'm so glad I had the privilege of meeting them and spending just a bit of time with them this week!  Thanks for a great night ladies and thanks for getting married Julia so we could have such a great night!

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