Day 13-The Globe Theater

We got up a little early to call the Globe Theater for the 2:00 show of Much Ado About Nothing and they had seats! YAY! So we headed to the theater to get the tour and see the exhibition, very cool.  Then we got to watch Much Ado About Nothing IN the Globe Theater IN London!  Kyle and I agree that this was by far one of the best experiences of our trip.

So beautiful.

They did all they could to recreate it with the same means used in its original construction so there are no nails only wooden pegs to hold it together.  Its absolutely beautiful and amazing to be in.

This was the view from our seats.

The show was AMAZING! It was a great way to end our trip.  The actors don't really have a choice and have to interact with the audience and the elements since the theater is open and the audience is visible as well.  There were a couple times during the show that a helicopter went over the theater and all the actors, as if rehearsed, stopped and slowly looked up.  The first time it was very much a, "what the heck is that?" type of look and the second time it was very much like," Really? Again?!"  It was brilliant!

We headed back to the hotel for a bit then met up with Julia and Jason for one last dinner together before we leave tomorrow.  They were very gracious to treat us to dinner and we had a good time experiencing new foods and great conversation, as is the case with Julia and Jason.

We leave tomorrow.  It has been such a great trip.  
6 years in the making and not one minute of the trip has let us down.

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