Day 7-They're Gettin' Married In The Mornin'

ALL day today I've had that song in my head...I'm getting married in the morning.  Ding, dong, the bells are gonna chime.  Anyway...

We got up a little earlier today to run an errand for Julia but didn't get out the door nearly has early as I wanted since I had to finish homework I meant to finish last night but passed out too quickly since I was so relaxed from the spa.  Ahhhh.

We got out and headed to the printer to pick up Julia's order then stopped by her flat to drop her order off.  She kindly made me coffee and we hung around for a bit there.  Helped get some stuff together for her, experienced a crisis which was resolved eventually thank goodness!

Kyle escorted me to Rose's to rehearse the song the bridesmaids would be singing during the service.  We were all a bit nervous since this was our first turn at singing it together.  Rose was amazing and recorded all our parts individually as well as dubbed them together so we could practice since clearly we were unable to prior to this.  It went surprisingly well.

After a bit of rehearsal at Rose's we headed to the venue for the actually ceremony rehearsal.  All went well.  We were a bit more nervous to sing since Julia was now hearing it for the first time.  It went well.  Then we headed to the Cat & Mutton for the rehearsal dinner.  It was good fun at their local pub.  We ate well, we had a good time and we left early.  I was crashing and wanted to be rested for the wedding tomorrow so here we are now.

We're so excited to be here for their special day.  Julia & Jason are so well matched for each other its almost sickening, but in a good way.  Kyle and I are so blessed to be able to participate and even be here for the wedding.  Thank you for inviting us.  Thank you to those who let us leave the states.  Thank you every one for your little part in letting us be a part of this special day for Julia & Jason.  We are so happy to be here to support them in this new step in their lives.  It's a great one and not in fact the end of the road as some might say, but the beginning of a new adventure that you get to be on with your best friend.  The journey is a great one and you have great company! Enjoy!

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