Day 2-The Day of Nothing

Today we did nothing, well not nothing.  We slept til about 10:30 then slowly got ourselves ready, finished unpacking, of course, and went to the market down the way to get some food.  One of the reasons we booked the hotel we booked was because they had a very nice kitchenette.  Speaking of our hotel, here is our room.
 TV, desk and kitchenette.
Terrace outside our window.
Our Hotel.

Anyway, we went to the market and got some basic stuff: bread, milk, juice, fruit, cereal, PB, honey, pastries, and then headed back to our hotel.  We ate immediately we were so hungry.  Kyle worked on some of his number/picture puzzles and I did some homework.  About ½ way through my homework I was looking for my notebook which was right next to me and it was decided I would finish my homework for this week and then take a nap instead of also finishing my homework for next week as well since I was clearly delusional.

The nap was excellent, although I had a strange dream.  I dreamt we left London immediately after Julia’s wedding instead of staying another week.  We got back to KEF and realized this hoping Iceland Air would allow us to go back without charging us seeing as how they shouldn’t have let us on the flight anyway.  It was horrible.  Anyway, I woke up and it wasn’t true so thank goodness.

Julia stopped by to get us our oyster cards, pick up some ties, get our orders for the rehearsal dinner, and take us to an Orange Shop to arrange my phone.  We attempt to go to an Orange Shop but it was closed so Julia brought us to a place for dinner instead. 


Julia had to go but Kyle and I enjoyed a delicious dinner-Thanks Jules!  Kyle had a steak with fries (frites) and I had a grilled chicken with a garlic and herb butter sauce and fries (frites).  It was so good.

Kyle and I headed back to our hotel after dinner and here we sit.  Julia has given us some excellent recommendations for where we can go and meander, very excited for that, and Kyle has been studying the map like he’s going to bed tested, I love him for that.

I’m not sharing all our photos on the blog but if you’d like to see them you can check out pictures of our Happy Anniversary, 6 years baby! album on Facebook.

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