Day 12-Busy Day & New Friends

We did a lot today.  We visited the Tate Modern and while I'm not a huge abstract artist fan I do appreciate some of the items on display.  For example there was this pile of sunflower seeds but they weren't actual sunflower seeds.  They were carved out of porcelain, well here...

Crazy right?! I wouldn't typically get all excited about a pile of sunflower seeds but the reason the artist used this medium and why they used sunflower seeds and why they had so many of them, it's brilliant.  It's not as if the artist just wanted to make a bunch of sunflower seeds because it would be fun.  The artist had a reason and a purpose for everything in the display.

After the Tate Modern we headed to the Globe Theater.  While we were there we thought it would be fun to see the exhibition and take a tour of the theater.  Looking in to it we found they were no longer doing tours of the theater itself because they had a performance that afternoon but the theater tours usually go from 9 - 12 so we decided we'd head back tomorrow.  We happen to take a look at the performance schedule as well and saw that tomorrows performance was Much Ado About Nothing so we asked the ticket office if they still had some seats available.  No go for today but she suggested we call back tomorrow around 10:30.  We'll see how it goes.

Since we didn't do the tour at the Globe we headed to H&M to do a bit more shopping.  I know, I know, we have H&Ms in Minneapolis but the volume of selection we have compared to here is so minimal.  We bought a couple items, lost track of time, and headed out to meet our new friends Amy and Michael.

Amy and Michael are great!  No joke! They were so nice to invite Kyle and I over for dinner with hardly knowing us.  Amy was one of the other bridesmaids in Julia's wedding and we had some good times.  The fun only continued at table 2 when the boys joined us.  We had such an excellent time with them for dinner at their flat.  Amy cooked a fabulous meal and the conversation was perfect.  We wouldn't have been upset if we got stuck there.  Anyway, Amy and Michael have already started to assist us in moving to England.  Love it!

Only 2 days left!

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