Day 8-The BIG Day

Today was THE big day.  Julia and Jason are getting married.  What a great day it was.  The weather was perfect even though it rained just a little during the service I think.

So, I got up "early" to meet Julia at the hotel/venue at 9.  Kyle got up and went with me sweet guy that he is.  It was great to be there with Julia while she was prepping and Kyle was even sent on a few errands.  I was able to get some fun shots as well.

Here' the prep desk for Julia's hair and make up.

 Hair and make up by Sally who had an excellent dress & hat for the wedding as well.

So hot.

The dress.

 The shoes & hairpiece.

The hairpiece. So beautiful and fitting for Julia.

All the dresses.

It was  beautiful! Perfect little touches of peacock feathers here and there.  Julia had some in her bouquet and the bridesmaids had some in ours.  There were larger peacock feathers in the centerpieces which were gorgeous! If I would have been thinking I would have snapped a picture but I didn't.  They had REAL photographers for that.  It was classy, glamorous and beautiful.  It was PERFECT!  The venue for the ceremony and reception was The Town Hall Hotel which seemed to match the atmosphere perfectly.  The ceremony was a simple one but filled with tears from all corners of the hall.
Photo courtesy of http://www.townhallhotel.com

As we all hope for at a wedding, the dear groom struggled to keep it together when his beloved entered the room escorted by her father.  Overcome with love of the beauty that approached, Jason let a few joyful tears slip out of his eyes.  Both Julia and Jason prepared personal vows that neither of them were able to breeze through as should be the case and there is no doubt others in the vicinity of The Town Hall were aware of the joyous occasion as cheers and applause burst out at the moment of the introduction and first kiss of Mr. & Ms. Fitzpatrick. It was unlikely there was a dry eye in the house when we, the bridesmaids, were then expected to sing for the lovely couple!  We choked back the tears we thought we'd be able to control and did the best we could singing The Luckiest by Ben Folds.  If I can find a video of it, I'll try to post it.

It was an amazing ceremony and a beautiful reception.  The food was great, table 2 was the best, Rose gave an AMAZING toast, and the dancing was hilarious!  The bride and groom prepared a dance for their first and the party only continued after that.

Kyle & I feel so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful occasion, to have met so many great people and made so many new friends.  

Anyway, Julia said she liked this last shot so I've cropped it for her.
Congrats again Julia!

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